Info current as of Saturday, July 22, 2017
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Employment Opportunities

Current Openings:

i would love to find a couple to head up our housekeeping in 2016, such an important position. But I want a meticulous and thoughtful couple who care about their guests and the first impression they get when they walk into their lodging. We have had a great team but family obligations took them back home.

We are always looking for energetic, fun-loving, and friendly people to fill the following positions:

  • wait staff
  • short order cook
  • chef

Other positions include:

  • outside help
  • boat rentals
  • mechanic
  • housekeeping
  • dishwashing/kitchen help.

We are currently giving extra consideration to potential hires if they have fishing guide or extensive fishing experience.

We are in need of people with refrigeration, plumbing, or electrical experience. As an alternative to employment, we would also consider trading services such as room or boat rentals, meals, etc in exchange for project work if you have these skills, but can't be here full time.

We can accommodate the needs of people if they are hiking the JMT or a portion of the PCT trails. (i.e work 6 weeks, take your trip etc.)

Employees are housed on-site in trailers and receive room and board as a part of their compensation package.

Apply for a Summer Job at VVR

Please submit your resume or recent work experience to us.

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