Info current as of Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Finding Us

VVR is in the backcountry. That means we have no address in the "real" world that you can simply plug into a map to find us.

Google, Bing, and the other search engines have NO CLUE where we are. Ask them, and they'll put you down in Lakeshore where we pickup packages - about 27 miles from where we actually are!

Use This Address in your device: Mono Hot Springs, 93642 this will get you within 6 miles, from there it is simple, follow the single lane road and good signage to VVR.

PLEASE ALSO GO - to the directions lower down this page and click on coming from the North or South. Very informative!

We're here to help!

Don't worry - we'll help you find us. Just follow the detailed instructions we've provided - one set if you're coming from the south, and another if you're coming from the north.

Of course, if you're hiking in from the PCT or JMT - just take the VVR cutoff (clearly marked on the trail).

Sierra Nevada Geotourism