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Vermilion Valley Resort™ At Edison Lake

Executive Summary

Vermilion Valley Resort™ (VVR) was established in 1961 and is an iconic seasonal lakefront resort facility located in the high country of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, (Sierra National Forest, John Muir Wilderness) 80 miles northeast of Fresno, CA.

The VVR serves hikers from around the world and caters especially to the Pacific Crest Trail & John Muir Trail hikers as well as fishermen and campers who come to fish for the trophy German Brown and Rainbow trout. Well-known and highly rated by thru-hikers from around the world, this back country lodge also has a loyal following of alpinists, kayakers and other water sport enthusiasts, hunters, fishermen & women, equestrians, and other outdoors-people who come to enjoy one of the most incredible settings in North America. Campers at the USFS Vermillion campground, just across Boggy Creek are some of the resort’s best customers.

Located on the shoreline of Lake Thomas A. Edison, VVR offers visitors motel rooms, tent cabin lodging, Yurt cabin, and RV rental trailers. Along with our water taxi service across the lake, the VVR offers rental boats, a well-stocked general store, thru-hiker resupply box storage, hiker/camper shower and laundry building, guided fishing, long-term parking, shuttle van service to and from Fresno and beyond. The VVR restaurant offers three meals a day and a fresh, diverse menu that rivals any urban cafe.

Developed on seven and one-half acres at an elevation of 7,700 feet, the resort is operated under a Special Use Permit issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service. The current 20-year permit was originally issued to the existing owner in 2002. Note: The seller is selling the personal property and all the business holdings which are located on U.S.F.S. land, This includes all buildings, boats, trucks, autos, equipment, inventory and other assets and improvements. Any buyer must be approved by the U.S.F.S. in order to obtain a new 20-year permit. It is recommended that any expansion plan be incorporated into this new permit.

The typical season is May through October, depending on snow conditions and weather. Winter and early season Green Sticker Snowmobile and Quad/ATV fishing trips, accessing the region while the road is closed to the general automobile driving public, was approved in 2004. Winter Snowmobile trips start in January and early season ATV fishing trips typically start in mid-April.

This facility is completely off the grid. Electricity is created by generators, water is from a well on property, and sewage is distributed via septic systems. Communication is via a state of the art satellite system and includes telephone, internet, credit card processing, and WIFI service to customers. The VVR has an aged Domain name, and its website and social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) are very actively followed by the public and its customers.

Qualifications of the Buyer:

This is a multi-faceted business that requires planning, budgeting, and overall good business skills. You, your spouse and or business partner must enjoy working with a wide-range of customers, demographics and cultures.

A good owner must be able to multi-task; delegate responsibilities, be a quick study and attentive student; possess a basic understanding of electrical systems, plumbing, construction and carpentry, and exhibit a general mechanical aptitude and/or awareness.

This is a business that thrives when both spouses participate and are active in their areas of expertise. This business is also perfect for a partnership where differing areas of knowledge/proficiency can be used to manage and run the resort.

The selling price is $975,000.00 with a 30% down-payment required.

For More Information Contact:

If you believe you have the background, resources and vision to undertake such a business then visit us at PayPal to receive the complete sales prospectus. This information will further assist you in evaluating such a unique business opportunity. The prospectus cost will be $25.00.

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